Discovery Channel’s AlterEco Features Green Torch

After having changed a couple of our pin light bulbs recently, the hubby and I wondered if all those claims from light bulb manufacturers are ever true. We bought one of the bulbs that supposedly lasts three years at least and it did not even last us six months!

With all the talks of going green, anyone would understand why we, in our household try to patronize all natural products that do not harm the environment. Incidentally, I have read about Green Torch. This company was featured in AlterEco , Discovery Channel’s planetgreen show. Definitely one of its kind in the United States. They provide the most sophisticated but green LED Lighting. LED Light Bulbs from Green Torch surpass the energy efficiency of the ones available in the market. It is guaranteed unlike all those that we have bought.

Green Torch uses LEDs that are pigment infused that allows better color quality that is rather not possible from your common energy efficient light bulbs. This explains why all those that we formerly bought claim of a particular brightness but never seem to deliver.

What is sweet about patronizing Green Torch’s products is that you get to do your share in saving our environment because the lights that they manufacture reduces energy consumption significantly, even waste production and CO2 emissions. It is the little things we do that count a lot.

Discovery Channel’s AlterEco Features Green Torch

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