C’Elle – The Monthly Miracle

Who would have thought that a woman’s menstrual period would be of any use? At first it was hard to believe any of this was true. But after having heard of cord banking and all during one of the sessions in our childbirth preparation class some four years ago, I needed no further convincing.

Coming from a family of origin with a whole lot of diseases in its history, I cannot help but read more on it. If you would head over C’Elle’s web page and read all those C’Elle Testimonials, you will learn how this age’s technology has come up with such innovative and life saving genius. Apparently, the service C’Elle provides has to do with the monthly menstruation. They provide a kit for this purpose and what it does is preserve and isolate the cells that are gathered from the blood. The collection is easy with the use of the kit, which acts as the menstrual cup. And when the time it is needed the cell that was collected by the donor can be used by up to the donor’s first degree relatives. This very impressive concept was practically unthinkable in the previous generations, but here it is now.

Read more about in their page and maybe you might want to Order C’elle Now while they have a special offer of $499 for annual plan that would give you a $200 savings. Use the code:CNB200 when you order to avail of the discount. Hurry! Offer ends January 31, 2009.

C’Elle – The Monthly Miracle

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