~ My Husband Rocks! ~ My Ever Reliable Handyman

I just realized that it has been a while since I last participated in ~ My Husband Rocks! ~ meme. Not that I have nothing to blog about the hubby. Fact is, he is so much more than I have ever given him credit for. Coming from a family of origin that being demonstrative is not exactly encouraged, it is not automatic for me to blurt words of appreciation in an instant. But I am getting better at it. For one, I have always believed we should not withhold anyone credit to whoever it is due.  I’m a constant work in progress.  Knowing that Words of Affirmation is the hubby’s primary love language, I ought to speak it better.

I am blessed to have Jeff.  He is more than everything I would have dreamed of.  Although, I don’t get to express this most of the time.  As with any marriage, I sure could look into holes and wish for a little of this and that or even look into how things could be better if (which I can really be good at if I don’t watch it).  But in all honesty,  with all our imperfections (his and mine), the Lord surely has made it ever so clear through our strengths and weaknesses, that it can only be He who has orchestrated this marriage.  We totally complement each other.

A few days back he was able to finally find the time to fix our bathtub faucet.  We have been putting up with the leak around the bathtub for more than a couple of weeks. Having a plumber turn down the job at first sight – the man has never worked on a bathtub faucet and swore it’s installation was complicated.  We then had to wait until the hubby is able to get down to it.  He was able to fix it in such short a time that it was almost regretful that we had to wait so long to get it fixed.

He has always been my all around guy.  With his focus and analytical mind, he is able to do a whole lot of things that would normally have to take a certified skilled worker to do.  Although I must say that he may not have the most outstanding memory.  He actually lost his wallet and Samsonite backpack in the last six months and forgets things every so often.  I would often wonder why, because he has never been anesthetized in his entire life.  By far, in all our seven years of marriage, he has not yet forgotten my birthday or our anniversaries.  That’s something for someone so forgetful.  All these being said, his good qualities definitely surpass his not so good ones.  😀

~ My Husband Rocks! ~ My Ever Reliable Handyman

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