Update on SBC-Makati’s Plan for Relocation

After almost a year that our church is trying to look for a place to transfer to, we are actually considering to just stay where we are. This is because we really could not find a place that our church could afford that is big enough to hold our Sunday services. Obviously, we won’t have to call back the office of the moving trucks we have hired from before for their service. But more than that issue, we pray that the building owner will consider as we negotiate with them for a lower rent. I’m a little sad that we have to stay and put up with the stinky ground floor, especially during weekends. But then again, the Lord might have something better in store for SBC-Makati that we cannot see just yet from this point.

As Joshua 24:15 said it, we will press on “..But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.”

Update on SBC-Makati’s Plan for Relocation

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