On Getting Insured

Two days ago, I called up my life insurance provider with the intention to have my account terminated for the reason that it was hooked to my credit card and I was set on canceling all my credit cards save for one, for emergency purposes. The first thing I did was check with them if there were other ways I could pay the premium aside from the automatic charge that they make via my credit card. They don’t.

To make the long story short, I was left with no other choice but keep this card that was hooked to my life insurance and that of my little guy. I know it can be very convenient, because I need not worry about forgetting to pay the monthly premium. But then again, it would have been better if they had other options for clients to pay for the premiums aside from what they solely offer.

After having paid of the hubby’s life insurance during the third year of our marriage, it was but prudent to get mine and then our son’s.

The younger the child, the cheaper the premium is. I would like to think that prudence is one of the things that my dear mother has passed on to me and I am happy that she lives to witness that good example benefit the generations after her.

Incidentally, if you would like to learn more about the benefits of getting insured and learn the best way to finance them, check with USALifeInsurance.com or better yet call to inquire at 877-927-7243.

On Getting Insured
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