Workout + Massage = Perfect Mix

Personally, nothing beats workouts that you can do right at home. After having progressed from fifteen minutes, I am now enjoying no less than thirty minutes of yoga and aerobic exercises every day. Truth to tell, what is best after an exercise is an honest to goodness massage, which I really can’t afford to have on a daily basis.  It would be such perfect mix.

The hubby and I used to go to the spa once in a while and because he loved it so much I wanted to see if I could learn to do aromatherapy massage, so I took classes in 2004. While I was doing those classes I found out I was prego, so I wasn’t able to practice what I learned. I later found out from a massage dvd that reflexology is so much more beneficial and it proved true even as one of our faithful members from church is a licensed reflexologist and offered her service for free as her ministry, which we are very grateful for.

In a while, I will be looking into the basics of hand reflexology and foot reflexology. I hope to learn a thing or two and maybe be good at it enough to practice on both of my boys.

Workout + Massage = Perfect Mix

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