My Boys at the Barber’s

This is the second time my son is having his hair trimmed at the same time as his father.  He actually was excited to go to the barber’s and see his reflection and his father’s side by side.  He still got startled by the buzzing sound of the shaving tool but he readily closed his eyes upon my encouragement to do as papa does.  To just relax and let “kuya” trim his hair and that it might help for him if he closes his eyes like what his papa does.  Such an easy young man.  Very agreeable, as always.  🙂

My son seriously scrutinizes his new do. Truth be told, I can do so much better than that! My little guy was probably trying to figure out what was wrong with the picture, the trimmed finish definitely was not as good as that of his first one.  I didn’t mind, the hair is going to grow back anyway.  The barber who did his hair last month wasn’t around.  This little guy is still no less of a cutie pie to me.  😉

My Boys at the Barber’s

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