24, Season 7

The hubby and I have a date tonight – a four hour marathon of the first four episodes of 24.  It’s hard to wait.  I put a couple of assignments to a halt while I peeked in on the first episode.  I don’t mind watching it again later.  I can’t believe Tony Almeida is working for the very people they have been fighting against when he was still with CTU.

True, a lot of scenes from all of the previous seasons were hard to believe.  Like Jack Bauer getting away with every single brawl and attack, unscathed.  The worse I saw of him  was his torture under the Chinese government but there were whole packs of scenes that he got away from, that were far from believable.  All that being said, I am still nuts over the series. We could go for hours on end, with just a few bathroom breaks, watching Keifer and his genius production.  🙂

24, Season 7

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