My Latest Project – Crocheted Dining Chair Dresses

To jump start our plans to shift themes for our living area from pink/floral to earth colors, I have began crocheting dresses for our dining chairs. I’m using the same patterns (too lazy to experiment on a new one).  You will see some of the old dresses that I made for my dining chairs from my Craft Box. 🙂

I am thinking of crocheting one for my stereo cabinet as well.  I love that I am able to get back to doing these creations. The last time I did some serious crocheting was four or so years ago, just around the same time I stashed my badminton racket away to some storage place.

Here are shots of  my unfinished first piece.

I know it may take a while before I finish the whole set. I am almost tempted to just buy one of those pretty ones from the home section of Tiendesitas. There are tons of them in real affordable prices! But then again, there’s something about your very own personal touch adorning your home.  🙂

My Latest Project – Crocheted Dining Chair Dresses

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