Marriage and Beyond is Now Live

First, I would like to thank the people who got out of their way to email and check with me why this site was not accessible yesterday. Marriage and Beyond was down for at least 20 hours. Thank you, Polly and Lainy and another fellow Entrecarder from Online Social Networking Site who still made a way to visit even via his browser’s cache.

It was a couple or so days ago when I got a heads up from our blogging mentor/friend, Neil, that I have got to back up my database and files quick because his sites were apparently hacked and it looked like it pointed to the host which happens to be where this site and our other site are hosted.  I can’t imagine losing this online journal, all with close to a thousand posts with entries dating as far back as 2005.  No way, Jose!  This site contains a whole lot of milestones and events in our family that are too important to  lose.

I had no idea about all the technical stuff that has to be done, so as busy as the hubby was with things including renewal of registration and the auto insurance and a lot of other things, he had to do the task of migrating the database and files from the old server to our new one. Thanks to Neil for helping Jeff through it. 🙂

Now this site is enjoying a brand new hosting with a brand new connection! My DSL was finally connected yesterday and we’re currently enjoying the 1.7mbps++ speed. That deserves a separate post altogether. Went to SmartBro yesterday and happily terminated their service. I refused to wait another day to get the disconnection finalized. Goodbye, SmartBro!  Possibly the lone broadband with the 50kbps dialup-like speed.

Marriage and Beyond is Now Live
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