Jed Learns Boxing

Here is our three year old, getting savvy on learning how to box. His other favorite is golf. It is fun how he knocked out his father during one of their games.  This is probably the single game console I will freely allow him to play-but with limits still.  The few times I allow him to play with his aunt’s psp, he gets zombified.  Adults aren’t immune to having that effect, let alone a three year old.  I love that this console involves physical activity and interaction with the family.

As much as the hubby is into online games (which is why choosing between video cards was one of the prime things he considered when he bought his laptop), we don’t want the little guy to get into this generation’s addiction.  There are many issues about kids being glued to these consoles, even grade school students missing classes just to linger in internet shops to play online games.  I know we can’t stop technology from its  inevitable progress but we can choose to do our best to manage the way we allow it to affect our children.  It is the only way to not allow the advancement of today’s world go against the quality of lives that we want for our families.  🙂

Jed Learns Boxing

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