WS: Our Little Jed with Playmates


My son and two of the kids who he played with yesterday in church.  On the left is Jennielyn, 7 years old and on the right is Laarni, who is also 3 years old, like Jed.

 My son gets extra energetic whenever playmates abound and I cannot blame him. Around the house, he only gets to be with adults.  Which could also be the reason why he is articulate, he also figure things out quite easily.  At three years old, it can already be difficult for us to get around him and play some silly tricks.  He will be onto you sooner than you want him to.   Which is also neat because I have no difficulty trying to teach him new things.  He is the ever eager boy yearning to learn new tricks.

Still his want for a rather permanent playmate is clear, at least through our observation.  He does not really speak it out and as much as we have some thoughts about it too,  there are also a apprehensions given the world’s current situation.  If we all come to think of it, this time isn’t really the best time to bring another soul to the world.  But then again, we can all but plan and hope but ultimately everything is in God’s hand.  May His will be done.  He knows best.

Meanwhile, there are play dates we can plan out or even neighboring kids who he can play with.  He also has us to spend time with. Fact is,  he is a pretty confident boy.  So far no issues with self esteem, he easily makes friends with people of all ages, from kids to adults.  I even think he is kind of a people person.  🙂

WS: Our Little Jed with Playmates

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