Helping Out a Fellow Blogger

Over the holidays, a blogger named Jeremy Schoemaker posted a blog entry about the Google Money Tree and the Hydra Affiliate Network who had both something to do with the use of his photo for ads bought on big sites like,, MySpace and Fox even news. This blogger also posted screenshots of the pages where his picture was used, all pointing to the Google Money Tree System which, he says, “appears to be one of the biggest scams” online.

He is appealing to internet users to help him by sending him screenshots of ads with his picture on them as he is in the process of taking legal action. In his blog entry, screenshots of what he is talking about are viewable.

If what he is blogging about really is a scam, I think it should really be dealt with legally and I was glad to have seen his blog entry so I can spread the word about the Google Money Tree. I haven’t personally tried the Google Money Tree to conclude that it is a scam, but advertising using another person’s picture is lying (although some would justify it as a marketing strategy) and is misleading. So, I encourage everyone to be careful and be vigilant as you participate in money making endeavors in the internet.

Helping Out a Fellow Blogger

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