It’s All Over the News

The hubby and I do not normally watch the evening news.  The one time we did last week got to me. I wonder, could the reason be be a matter of “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.”  Maybe.  I also think the sensationalized nature of our local news makes things appear worse than they really are.

Watching the effect of the economic crisis all over the world can be overwhelming.  A whole bunch of overseas Filipino workers have come home to a bleak future here in our country.  I know some former white collared employees who recently got retrenched would have to resort to enrolling themselves in a truck driving school to be able to get a job.  But the sad thing is skilled workers don’t get paid as much here as they are overseas.

We chose not to watch anymore after that one night of news.  But we are constantly praying for the Lord’s hand to be upon this worldwide event of economic upheaval.  His grace is ever sufficient even in the greatest of tragedies.

It’s All Over the News

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