On Outsourcing, Gratefulness and Some Random Thoughts

I am thoroughly grateful for all the Entrecard dropping, my cousin Esther has been doing for me and the hubby for some weeks now.  For this reason I have kept the standing of this blog amongst the popular sites in Entrecard.  Thanks, Esther!

A lot of things have kept me from doing my rounds this past holiday and even before that.  I am still pretty much loaded right now.  Multi-tasking different roles that I have is not the easiest, to say the least.  I have even failed to update a few of my other blogs because of this, failed to return visits, among other things.  It really is a matter of priority and the virtual world will always be secondary to family affairs and ministry.  Please know that despite the lack of reciprocation on my part, I am thankful for all the visits.  I will go visit you back the moment I get the chance.   I hope you are happily basking upon God’s grace this first week of 2009.   🙂

On Outsourcing, Gratefulness and Some Random Thoughts

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