On Gifts and Pearls

We are definitely having the time of our lives! What a joy it is to finally be reunited with my folks after having been several miles away for so many months. They got home at the wee hour early this morning and as much as we wanted to put off everything there was to do, we just couldn’t. We all hit the sack at around four in the morning!

As expected they both lavished us with nice and lovely gifts. One of the things that I remember receiving from my mother as a little girl were those pretty little sets of pearls. My sister and me, both have our own set and I remember basking over their loveliness. The ignorant me who do not know any better even wore the pearl necklace in my grade school class, the little “kikay” that I was. That kind of giddiness that I’ve had over the little things I still have with me to this day.

lavender-pearls.jpgPearls have their prized elegance in them that have transcended time. These cherished treasures have been the dominating adornments in a great number of occasions, going beyond cultures and time. The experts when it comes to these treasures is PearlsOnly.ca. I have lingered in this site and have learned a whole lot about Akoya and freshwater pearls. I have always preferred black pearls until I saw these lovelies – the Lavender freshwater pearls from their Black Label Collection. These culture pearls have irresistible lustrous radiance.

If you want to know more about pearls, this site is really the site to go to. They have this pearl wizard page and a page that is solely dedicated for pearl education. You also get to know how pearls are graded for their kind of make, et. al. You definitely won’t see the kind of pearls you see in PearlsOnly.ca from your local retails stores.

On Gifts and Pearls

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