In Transit

My folks are currently in transit and are probably in between Detroit and Nagoya, Japan. We are thrilled to have them back, to say the least. We were counting the days as early as last week! Six months is too long a time for us not to have them with us. Our little guy is the most excited. Last night I was having this conversation with my cheeky little man, I asked him if he is excited to see his grandpa and grandma or if he is more excited about the gifts they have with them for him. He stopped for a while and thought, he said he wants to see “lolo” and “lola” and also the gifts. Haha!


They are arriving late tonight. Jed Zachary is still probably sleeping soundly when they arrive home but he will surely have the time of his life waking up seeing his grandfolks around. 😀

In Transit

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