A Healthier Us in 2009

healthier.jpgWhat better way to start the year than to make sure you do a health check and start with a healthier diet than you have had the previous year. As for the hubby and me, we recently just got a good bill of health from the result of the annual check up we did before 2008 ended. The unpredictable weather took its toll on my respiratory health these last couple of months and I am more than thrilled to have been cleared of anything alarming.

For some it is more than just improving their diets. After feasting over the holidays a whole bunch are probably considering weight loss pills to aide their health goal.  I have to admit we have to go easy on the steaks that we are so fond of.  Check out one of the hubby’s recent post from his other blog, Aspacio.net. 🙂

A Healthier Us in 2009

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