Get Together with Old Friends



Last weekend was made more special when a couple of my very close friends in middle school came over to our place – with their respective families in tow. It was actually a follow up on the recent get together we had last December in Eastwood. Lorna’s birthday this month was a neat excuse for us to yet again meet.  We really made sure we took advantage of the long holidays.

My ever loving friend Beth of, indulged my request to bring in a few of her merchandise. The wise lady that she is retails lovely clothes that she distributes to some offices.  And if bringing her stuff wasn’t enough, she gave me a hefty discount for my loot. I got a couple of pretty dresses and a couple of blouses! How is that for shopping right from your home and being able to fit a whole collection? Time does not permit me to do a lot of shopping for myself. If at all, I almost only leave home to take care of some household concern/errand or to replenish our cupboard and fridge.

I am just so happy to have gotten together with the both of them and their families! Now that they know where our home is, they can freely come over whenever theyre free. 🙂

Get Together with Old Friends

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