WS: Familia de Jesus Amper Aspacio



I don’t usually post my weekend snapshot until Monday, but this shot cannot wait till then.  We have been having a blast with this gang this holiday season.  Going places, hiking the highs and lows of Marikina, a couple of weeks back we all went to Pasay (except for Yvonne), we ate out, hang around  and just enjoyed the holidays together.


We actually were not too sure if we will still go on with the photo shoot yesterday because we were just too tired walking around the riverbanks to and fro that yummy chicken place.  We opted to just walk and go over bridges instead of having to drive to the place.  Save on gas and enjoy the cool breeze we don’t get to have so often this side of the earth.  It was fun, but I was exhausted!  I took the consensus of each one and all of them agreed to give the photo shoot a go.  We have had this coupon since last month and we just kept on putting it off.  The one time we agreed to have it done, we weren’t able to make it for some reason.  So there went our matching blue outfits.  But then again, it didn’t turn all that bad when we were more spontaneous.  😀

WS: Familia de Jesus Amper Aspacio
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