WW: Our Little Worker



Our three year old guy would regularly help around the church every after service. These shots were taken after our church’s Christmas party two Sundays ago.  He always loves to be of help. He especially loves being able to help me load the dirty laundry to the washer and even helps hang the clean clothes outside by bringing out the hangers for us.  However little, he has got to be involved if there’s work to be done. 🙂




 Here are couple of other pictures that I took of him when he would stack the chairs up after the service.  He really has got this heart to serve and not just out of boredom or restlessness.  I would even see him wiping clean some stuff around the house like the industrial knobs around the kitchen.  I have a feeling I am not going to have a hard time with this guy when it comes to keeping things in order.  🙂

 stack-chairs.JPG stack-chairs1.JPG

WW: Our Little Worker

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