The Tale of the Broken Fill Valve

broken-fillvalve.JPGThe day after Christmas our toilet tank decided to leak non stop and the hubby figured out single handedly how to fix it. I was ready to call on a plumber but he wanted to try to do it himself. I was okay with him experimenting with plumbing and all for we rarely call help for any plumbing problems right from the beginning.

plumbing-jeff.JPGArmed with not a single dipper in our household, we had to make do with our son’s old sippy cup and partner it with a basin. We are so not ready for anything like this. I am happy to announce that the hubby fixed the tank! The first attempt was not very successful because he wasn’t able to get a replacement for one part and tried to make do with the old one. So even if two other holes were good – no leaks, the one at the center leaked still. So everything has to be done all over again. Although we had to buy a new set of tank bolts, which are all very cheap, we still saved a lot on what we could have paid for the labor. The plus is the hubby gets to enhance his handy man skills.

faucet.JPGThis is a first for the hubby and I am so glad to believe in him enough to actually have him experiment and remained hopeful that it will be a success. Although at the back of my mind, I was afraid we will still end up getting a plumber anyway. I wouldn’t have minded, but we have a few get together events to host at home, so it does not sound very pretty. Normally, I would have just called an expert to just get it over with and have things function back to convenience but life won’t be as exciting, will it? And while he was at it, he also took care of the leaky lavatory faucet and got it replaced. These little things make us happy, with its less than perfect timing, the day after Christmas. We don’t really plan things to go against our schedule, but they happen anyway. This reminds us how imperfect our world is and regardless of how pretty things are, these things are to deplete, deteriorate and have got to be repaired/restored one time or another.

Now we have a tank that’s working perfectly, until such time it decides not to. Meanwhile, I’m contemplating on posting a Plumbing Services announcement somewhere at the gate. 🙂

The Tale of the Broken Fill Valve
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