WS: Baby Shane’s 1st Birthday



It was a busy but fun weekend for us again. Last Saturday, we celebrated with our son’s cousin, Baby Shane, her first birthday. She’s a darling. It was also the perfect time to meet with loved ones as well. It was lovely to see Auntie Tonette and her husband once again and even lovelier to have met for the first time one of the hubby’s cousin and her family. 🙂


The hubby also got to show Tito Adolfo the scratch on the car, he will be the one to take care of it later in the summer. We’re not sure if the scratch was deliberate or not. At any rate, we really think we ought to look into auto insurance quotes to make sure hassles like this is taken care of. It is just neat that we don’t get to spend much on this particular scratch because Tito Adolfo still has some materials from the last restoration job he did on it several months back.


WS: Baby Shane’s 1st Birthday

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