3 Hours Before Christmas



Taken after doing some last minute Christmas shopping.  I still had to grab a gift for my little guy and do some last minute grocery shopping. I am not used to taking care of our noche buena.  Our dear father always took care of it every single year, so all we really had to do was sit and feast over whatever was served. I would only make a cheesecake or lasagna. Papa and Mama will not be back until January, so that means I’m gonna have to prepare a little something for the family.



What could be neater than having your sister and brother in law for neighbors?  They invited us over for early dinner tonight.  This is the first Christmas that we did not spend with our parents. We miss them so much and we look forward to have them back in a couple of weeks.  Mama has already asked if our little guy could sleep over at their place for one week when they come back.  They miss their grandson so much after having been away for half a year.

Have a sumptuous noche buena, everyone!  😀

3 Hours Before Christmas

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