Dinner at 1 AM



Just one of those busy weekend nights. We had this very late, not-so-goodah-dinner (which can actually already pass for an early breakfast) after picking up the Christmas goodies for our church’s feeding center kids, we had to brave the  holiday traffic and drive most of the packages (we left more than a dozen at home because we heard the shocks of the car squeal for help) to Makati in time for the gift giving the next day after our worship service. We brought the remaining packages with us when we went to church early Sunday.  And that’s not even half of what we did the whole day.  I will probably just do some photo essays in the coming entries.

I know I have got a lot of backlogs to work on and I just have to get started, I’m really not a fan of things that pile up. I  love the busyness of the season to an extent because to be honest it can pretty much be a little too tiring that it can almost snatch away the Meaning of it all altogether.  I am going to post away and do some webmaster thingies in the next couple of hours or more because I am going to have to zap away before I know it to do some more holiday  stuff.  Merry Christmas in advance everyone! Despite the many events here and there, let us be reminded what this season is all about – it’s all about Jesus.  😀

Dinner at 1 AM

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