Our Tagaytay Getaway

It was not a planned hiatus – my break from blogging. You see, aside from the Tagaytay getaway that we had, I was also deep in my reading for the whole week. I have finished the last book from the Twilight Series a couple of days back. I would have finished earlier if there was nothing else to do, but I only immersed myself during my free time, which is not aplenty.


The trip wasn’t a planned one, as well. In fact, we just packed our stuff a few hours before departure time. I was still kind of hesitant because I wasn’t feeling very well yet. But then again, I thought that was just the break that I need and it proved so. I was no longer bleary and teary eyed from the colds on our last day in Tagaytay. In fact, I was never better in the last month or so.  🙂 All the while I thought I would be worse because of the cold weather up there. It was just nice hanging out and having fun with my boys. On the way back, the hubby decided to go for a joy ride down towards the foothill of Taal Volcano in Talisay.

Here are just a few of the shots from almost a couple of hundred ones that we took from the trip.




We stayed in the Tulip Cottage of Robert’s Inn.  Although spontaneity formally jump started when we packed our things just hours before driving off to Tagaytay, we followed it up by hopping from one bed and breakfast place to another when we got to Tagaytay, which was fun. Nothing very fancy we decided, since we do not really plan to stay indoors. We could easily do that hotel feel right at home.  It’s fairly easy to clone that ambiance.  Plus a spa treat if we want, with all the candles around the tub and some bubble bath.  We just really have to get away and it was really a treat.


From the foot hill of Taal Lake. We inquired for some place we could stay in for our next trip but we did not find one that can be considered nice enough. Once you leave Tagaytay, all the cool breeze is gone. It’s really hot in Talisay, to say the least.  I wonder if it’s the lake, because we kind of felt sticky when we were down there.  I figured it wouldn’t be all that fun being in a vacation in such a humid place anyway. We will probably just drive to Talisay and go on a boating trip to Taal Volcano, if ever. 😀

Our Tagaytay Getaway

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