Marikina United FC vs. SJDM FC

After exactly a year, it was only today that I got to watch the hubby play football together with his team mates from Marikina United FC. As mentioned from some previous posts, their team is playing in Third Terry Razon Copa Filipina Tournament (Third Division) and the latest of which is today’s game against SJDM FC who came all the way from Bulacan.



I have to say that their team has gone a long way since the last time I watched them play. The hubby played the full 90 minute game, talk about stamina in a very rough sport (at least, for me). It didn’t matter much that they lost 2-0 against the other team, I was impressed no less by how well they did today. My man even made a goal, albeit via dangerous kick, which meant it cannot be counted. I am really happy to have been able to watch him play today. 🙂

Marikina United FC vs. SJDM FC

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