A Quick Update

The hubby just left for a youth camp meeting and in a few hours for Tagaytay to officiate another wedding. The original plan was for our little guy and I to tag along and stay in a hotel while he’s doing the wedding and stay there for the weekend. A supposed quick anniversary getaway for us. We weighed the odds and figured we should really just stay in Manila for the weekend.

First, although I’m relatively better than the previous day healthwise (thanks to Pei Pa Koa and my BEP supplement), it will be altogether pushing it knowing that I have been having this respiratory trouble for approximately a month now. I need the rest obviously, bed rest to be exact. I’m just doing this quick post to get my readers updated. Please pardon my very short posts and virtually zero updates.

Another reason why we decided to delay the getaway — tomorrow there are few scheduled events. My hubby’s soccer team has a scheduled game tomorrow for Third Terry Razon Copa Filipina Tournament (Third Division) against La Salle Zobel, which coincides with the Sony Expo that the hubby hopefully is getting an invitation to. We still haven’t figured how we are going about this, if ever. The game is at 10AM, the expo is at 11AM. Then by evening (also tomorrow), there will be a staff and deacons Christmas party that we will attend to.

This leaves us to just settle to leave on our anniversary day itself, December 8. Which is better. No rush, nothing else to think about, but celebrate our seven years of marriage! 😀

A Quick Update

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