Designer Gifts for the Holidays

We officially welcome the holidays this weekend. With that in mind, I created a digiscrap family gift tag that I will use this coming Yuletide season, which I will post in a few weeks. I have not done any shopping yet, with the crazy virus taking our family down this past three weeks, I know I have got to stick to my signature cookies.

But then again it was just timely that I came across this collection of gifts by Canadian designer Sande Chase which includes handmade boxed gift ensembles. I don’t know about you but there will always be something about the packaging that makes receiving gifts especially sweet. A well thought of packaging reflects how the giver has given a part of him/herself with the gift. I even heard that some even refuse to open the wrapping because of the presentation, I have done that a couple of times and I swear I just had to keep the package and wrapper until I grew tired of it! It was just too pretty to throw away. 🙂 It is safe to say though that this is more common to women than men. But then again, you know you are going to have to open the gift any way because you have to know what’s inside, right? So you open it slowly and lovingly. This is often the Sande Chase effect.

If you would love to look into giving extra special gifts for any occasion especially this holiday season, you might want to check out Oh la la Cadeau. They ship all across Canada and the USA via UPS (no duties paid through the borders for orders under $200). You will surely love their classy designs. Gifts that are perfect for the women that you love.

Designer Gifts for the Holidays

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