Homeschool, It Is!

homeschool.jpgThe homeschool convention that we attended last Saturday was such a success that we are actually considering to homeschool our son longer than just the preschool years. There are a whole lot of benefits and almost zero downside to it. The socialization aspect is going to be immaterial since we will enroll our son in a once a week get together with fellow homeschoolers. That would be a big comfort for us not to have to get him to unlearn unnecessary things that students pick up even from the most Christian of schools, if you know what I mean. At least until he is done with the formative years.

It sure is going to be a challenge for me especially since I will do the bulk of teaching. For the meantime, I am going to have to get our son prepared for his formal homeschool, June of this coming year. I don’t know where our son got the idea of preschool because all throughout the day he was like asking me and the hubby if we could go buy preschool and have it here at home. Buy a preschool? I explained to him that we don’t buy preschool and that preschool is what kids do before they go to big school. He then asked me if we could buy stuff for preschool and have it here at home. What an affirmation, right? Could it be that it was what stuck to him when I informed him last Friday night that we are to attend a homeschool conference to get us all prepared for preschool. Maybe. I could not think of anything else where he got that idea from.

My folks are sure to be asking me a lot of questions on homeschooling and I even expect people to frown over it. But before they ask me anything about our choice, I am going to have to ask them if they did get the PS3 from the Black Friday sale they went to over the weekend. 😉

Homeschooling is not a very popular choice. It is just a good thing that I am a proactive parent and I go ahead with what I believe is the best for my child. The hubby and I are thrilled and we will soon be off to the School of Tomorrow to go check with their curriculum and packages.

Homeschool, It Is!

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