Coping and Hoping

Losing sleep for at least three days now is not making me recuperate very well. We’re currently managing the intermittent fever of the little guy (with sponge bath, Propolis Gold and occasional Paracetamol) and his Pedia said that it will be at least three days that he is going to be like this.  He is doing so much better than I did when I was down with the flu last week.  For which I am very grateful.  🙂

I have momentarily raised a white flag on my chores around the house. First things first. I have been occupied in caring for my boy. There are currently a few things to take care of. A couple of Grohe faucets need to be replaced and curtains and drapes also need to come down too. Getting down on each and every one will be easy once my boy and I get back to our feet.  I hope that will be very soon.

Coping and Hoping

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