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stethoscope.jpgIt was almost 4 in the morning when the little guy and I finally were able to sleep. Two hours before that, I checked him in his bed and felt his skin a little too hot than usual. Suddenly the digital thermometer that I just slid into the drawer minutes before had to be retrieved to help check my son’s temp. To my surprise he was doing 39.3 degrees Celsius and I got into the frazzled mode in an instant. He took on the virus that I just got off and am just starting to recover from. I felt so bad! πŸ™

I wasn’t able to sleep until I was sure his temperature has turned back to normal, so I continually gave him a sponge bath until it did. He also cannot sleep, he just kept tossing and turning. My poor baby. πŸ™ It is just a major blessing that we get to visit his Pedia anytime and even though my little guy does not have a health card like the North Carolina health insurance, we are good as insured because Dra. Leila does not charge us for the consult. Bless her heart! She is one of those good doctors who is a member of our mother church. I know it’s a different story for in-patient procedures, which makes me seriously consider to get our son a good and reliable health insurance very soon.

If you may please keep my son, Jed in your prayers. I still have not recovered from the virus that caused my horrible illness last week and I pray that my son will be able to cope better than I did and will be up and about in no time. Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

Back from the Pedia

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