Still Sick

still-sick.jpgI have been sick since early Tuesday. My head won’t stop hurting and just when I expect to get better, some terrible cold virus snuck in and made me feel worse. I don’t easily get colds and I guess with the bug that I caught, it made my immune system more vulnerable. This is the worst colds I ever had, I have been miserable since. And with almost zero appetite, I won’t need any of those best diet pills to get rid of some unwanted fats around my tummy. I can already feel the difference as early as now.

It was just last night that I remember to take the Propolis Gold Probiotic by Ilog Maria that I have in my cupboard. Talk about wanting to hit a stone on my head for forgetting. Since Tuesday, I would always need to pop in two 500mg paracetamol pills to sweat out my fever. But since I took this propolis wonder, I hardly have any fever since. If I’d get a slight one, I take in just one pill and I’d sweat the fever almost instantly.

Still Sick

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