Doc’s Advice: Rest and Pop Pills

I just got back from the doctor. I caught a bug, some kind of virus. The doc got the confirmation just by looking through my throat. How they do that, I have not the slightest idea! This has been causing the fever that I have for four days now. Now it can be said–my little guy is really healthier than me. I remember him catching a viral thing last month and he only had fever for one full day.

The doctor told me to stay stress free and rest aside from the expected pill popping routine that I have to do in the next eight days. It is nice and windy in our patio, especially in the afternoon. All it needs is be rid of the clutters and a little makeover. I am thinking of installing a couple of bamboo shades and a hammock to clone a provincial setting. Now all I have to do is share this vision with my ever reliable handyman a.k.a. the hubby and maybe, he will want to work on it. 😀

Doc’s Advice: Rest and Pop Pills

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