List of Things to Do Stacking Up

I so hate being sick! Aside from the fact that I don’t get to do the regular things that I do, I cannot expect the hubby to do things with the same precision. But in hindsight, I have seen him really appreciating what I do now that he knows nothing comes easy. This is probably the longest running influenza I ever had.

Lots of things are piling up for me to do. Most of the meals we had this week were bought to go. This is why the saying “Health is Wealth” is so so true. Aside from the tons of things I have lined up to do around the house, I have a bunch of diet pills write ups I still have to work on. The hubby and I also agreed that we have to reconfigure the homeschooling preparation program that we should be giving our little guy. I will get down to all of these as soon as I get back to my feet. Meanwhile allow me to hit the sack once again. I’m getting all groggy with all the medicine popping I have been doing lately. Ciao!

List of Things to Do Stacking Up

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