Wifey’s Down with a Fever

My wife has been very sick today and I have been doing much of the things she’s been doing -but still not all of them. I prepared breakfast, brought home lunch and dinner and let her take her meds. She preferred staying in bed and how nice would it have been for her to embrace some faux fur throws. The lemon grass juice that I let her drink could very well match the soft pillows if it were in a hot water bottle from west-way.com.

This company provides affordable luxurious items for the home. They have a variety of luxury products for the kitchen and dining area of your home, for your living room, bedroom, other home appliances, quilts and linen as well. This site also has links to different gift ideas which can come in handy for those looking for Christmas gifts. Another helpful link in their web site is a link to sale items where you can find great items at very low prices.

I visited their site and looked at the items and saw how nice they were. Jennie would surely enjoy the very comfortable quilts and linen they have. I just hope she feels better soon and that she’d be back up and running again. I am just thankful for her because her being sick just made me realize that what she does around the house isn’t as easy as I thought it was.

Wifey’s Down with a Fever

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