Gurgle Guide to Toddler Care

The hubby and I are blessed to have a healthy child. We decided to not give him synthetic vitamins and minerals right from when he was an infant. Call it coincidence, but when we stopped the usual baby multivitamins, then the fevers and frequency of colds were almost non-existent. We have since taken care to give him all natural foods as much as possible, like organic brown rice  and a couple of all natural supplements.  We have been reaping the benefits since. 🙂

Keeping babies healthy can often be a challenge, especially with all the viruses mutating like crazy these days. I know for a fact that while it is easier to protect him now that he isn’t in big school yet, it won’t be the same when he is exposed to a host of different bugs when he heads for school.

I stumbled upon this Gurgle guide to toddler, a site can prove to be handy for parents who would love to know how to cope with preschool illnesses. The site also answers dressing toddler for winter concerns. Very handy indeed, I love their treatment and prevention articles.

One of the things I am concerned about is our little guy’s ears susceptibility to infection. This was one of the concerns that we had to get checked in our last doc’s visit. I’m sure you can use a tip or two from the Gurgle guide, as well. Click on the links to get there.

Gurgle Guide to Toddler Care

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