Foster the Love for Reading

I know I have been slacking on my schedule with my little guy on our book reading. But so far, we are reaping the benefits of starting early. He was around five months when my sweet little sister gave him his very first Bible. Now, at three years old, he knows a handful of characters from the Bible and periodically requests us to read the story of whomever from the list of characters in his mind. He also loves a few from his Time Life and Child Craft collection. He would be the one to remind me for our reading time.



It is just fun to see him the little geek grab a book from his library (he has his own in his room) and just turn the pages as I amuse myself as I tiptoe towards his door, listening how he would narrate stories from memory and sometimes make up stories from the visuals that he sees from the book. I am excited for the day when he will be able to read more than just those simple three and four letter words. πŸ™‚



Jed is reading from one of his Time Line books on Flowers and Trees. It amazes him how plants breathe, how perfumes come from flowers, even those Fig trees and all those beautiful butterflies.

The love of reading. This is one of the things that we would love to have him value. Although we do not withhold him from watching Baby Einstein videos and even those of that weird purple dinosaur, the love for reading is still the priority. If we could at all help it, I would have scratched the television time out of his routine. But then again, we all know how the boob tube can be such a darling babysitter. There goes my current predicament! πŸ™ For now, he watches television two hours a day, tops. It is scary how kids become when left for long hours in front of the television. They are zombified! But I am happy to report that there are sweet days that he goes without television.

Although the hubby and I are not exactly fond of going to movie houses to watch the latest flick, we do indulge in marathons from time to time, right from home. So it’s really not easy to withhold this kind of entertainment to our little guy, when we are so into it ourselves. Btw, we usually do our marathons when the little guy is sleeping. πŸ˜€

Foster the Love for Reading

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