The Goat’s Milk Alternative Amidst the Melamine Scare

goats-milk.jpgWith all this Melamine scare on milk formula, and getting another brand on the list of those that are found to be positive every so often, what mother would not be concerned. When I read from this article that goat’s milk is so much better than cow’s milk, I just knew I had to try this local brand, Milk Star’s fresh goat’s milk. I just chanced upon it when I was doing my regular grocery shopping.

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Although the mineral content of goat’s milk and cow’s milk is generally similar, goat’s milk contains 13 percent more calcium, 25 percent more vitamin B-6, 47 percent more vitamin A, 134 percent more potassium, and three times more niacin. It is also four times higher in copper. Goat’s milk also contains 27 percent more of the antioxidant selenium than cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains five times as much vitamin B-12 as goat’s milk and ten times as much folic acid (12 mcg. in cow’s milk versus 1 mcg. for goat’s milk per eight ounces with an RDA of 75-100 mcg. for children). The fact that goat’s milk contains less than ten percent of the amount of folic acid contained in cow’s milk means that it must be supplemented with folic acid in order to be adequate as a formula or milk substitute for infants and toddlers, and popular brands of goat’s milk may advertise “supplemented with folic acid” on the carton.

It also has less lactose as said:

Less lactose. Goat’s milk contains slightly lower levels of lactose (4.1 percent versus 4.7 percent in cow’s milk), which may be a small advantage in lactose-intolerant persons.

But I wouldn’t take Dr. Sears’ word for it. Being a lactose intolerant myself, I just had to try this out and I am pleased! No gas, no cramps, no bloating, no nausea, no nothing. And the plus is it’s creamy yummy, I did not have a hard time convincing my little guy to try it out. He loves it. 😉

Check out to investigate further. I just love the fact that this alternative is easily available in the grocery store that I frequent. An article worth mentioning from their site:

DA urged to look into development of goat milk amid melamine scare
09/30/2008 |MANILA, Philippines – The government is looking into the development of the country’s goat industry, including the provision of financial support, in the light of reports that dairy products imported from China are contaminated with the toxic substance melamine.

Presidential Adviser for Central Luzon and concurrent Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo said she had already endorsed to the Department of Agriculture (DA) a request made by groups working with the Central Luzon State University (CLSU) in Nueva Ecija to develop and expand the goat’s milk industry in the country.

“Breast milk is still the best for babies, but as an alternative the goat’s milk in its purest form could be given to the infant already,” she said, citing results of medical findings and studies conducted by the CLSU.

Fajardo did not say how much they are asking from DA, but said the funds would be necessary to boost the goat’s milk industry that is still “very small” if compared to the cow’s milk industry.

She said the funds could be used to increase the production goat’s milk in as well as the goats by mixing local livestock with the bigger, foreign goats to produce more milk.

Fajardo noted that goat’s milk is a safe and healthy alternative to powdered milk especially with the current melamine scare.

She said the goat’s milk could be taken by both infants and adults.

The Goat’s Milk Alternative Amidst the Melamine Scare
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