Plans for R&R and Some Thoughts on Traveling

The hubby and I were thrilled to have met with old friends last Saturday. It has been a while since we last saw this wonderful family, December of last year to be exact. One of the things we talked about was traveling in February. They were able to get hold of one of our local airline’s promo packages and you wouldn’t believe how much they got it for! A thousand bucks, roundtrip air tickets for the whole family! That is such a steal! What did you know, I did not waste a minute and hurried to the site, just in case the promo was still available. Too bad, it was not anymore. It would have been fun gracing the island of Boracay once again, this time, with dear friends. We had our honeymoon there in 2001 and it was so long ago that we have to go! Even my mother asked me this morning via YM if we will ever push through to fly to Singapore anytime before the year ends and honestly I have got no concrete answer to that just now.

I know I could make use of one of those airline credit cards, if I only had one! I have heard about all those perks being given to frequent flyers and it is something that people could really take advantage of. We all know how costly it is to fly, whether local or international.

Plans for R&R and Some Thoughts on Traveling

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