WW: The Bare Tree

bare-tree-copy.jpgMost of the time, I really can’t go wordless, here’s the next to its sequel. Our family decided to prep for the holidays a little earlier this year. At least if we weren’¢t able to do the shopping part then this kind of preppin’ up for the holidays will do for now. It is fun to have our little guy not just stare at the hubby and I while we do the preppin’- It was a little like that last year, basically because it was the first time ever that we put up a tree after he was born (last year).

There is a reason for the bare tree, we still have not decided the theme we’re going to have this year. Despite the absence of the ornaments, we had it erected nevertheless, and even had the little guy place the star on top, look at how serious he is in the business of carefully putting the star in place. 😀



that priceless smile on his face.


I was playing with our camera’s presets, testing which one is perfect for taking a picture of this lit tree, when this little guy gleefully showed up in front of my lens with this joyful jump. 😀

img_8299.JPG img_8306-copy.jpg img_8308-copy.jpg

To match this erected tree is the Christmas Potpourri Jar in Cinnamon Holidays that I made myself. The house now smells so Christmasy. I’m also thinking of making some Christmas magnets. Wait until we get around on the perfect theme for the tree, I will later post what theme we decide on. 😉

WW: The Bare Tree

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