PhotoHunt: Family




Our first photo ever as a brand new family via my former SEs700i camphone (May 2005). The little guy was just a few days old.


These succeeding ones are two of our latest family photos. I have not been photo hunting for a while and when the theme got posted this weekend, I knew I just had to do some rummaging. I swear I could have posted more, If I wasn’t a little slack in taking photographs lately. 😉


I couldn’t resist this kind of smile the little guy does. It’s his silly face again. We would tease him that when he does this face, if he doesn’t look like he’s doing number two, he looks like a toddler male “Chichay.” I am so tempted to get a picture of him with this face made into one of those personalized funny t-shirts. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun wearing them! 😀

PhotoHunt: Family

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