WS: My Mini Counter/Worktable



As promised, here is my kitchen worktable that doubles as my mini counter.I love it!The hubby finished in four hours last Saturday,  he was dead tired after.Why won’t he be, he skipped breakfast and had late lunch just for him to give this to me the soonest time possible.I told him I wasn’t at all in a hurry, but he insisted anyway.After that, we were convinced that a construction worker’s job is not easy after all, which explains the joke people throw at each other when one downs a whole plate of rice in no time.

I know the finish can be better.As mentioned in my post prior to this that the hubby made use of stuff that we already have, even the self-adhesive decorative vinyl that finished the furniture. There was one roll that was left from the ones we used for the closet back in the last apartment we rented in Makati. One roll was not enough.We will cover it all up when we get a hold of another roll in the coming days.Meanwhile, I believe it’s neat that I already have this furniture to serve me in the kitchen.I love that my dear hubby is able to do these pretty things himself. Later that day, he was down on his pencil and paper asking me of the specifications that I want for our home office table. He’s really at it! I just told him that it is all up to him, I am still not over my pretty worktable/mini counter. 😉

WS: My Mini Counter/Worktable

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