A Worktable for Me

The hubby is making me a worktable! It was the first thing he worked on as soon as he got up this morning. 😉 I insisted that he eats breakfast first, but he was too eager to work on the table.  I won’t be surprised if he works on the home theater seating one of these days. With the LCD TV we are to welcome in the next couple of days, that will be a treat!

He offered to make the table for me when we decided that the other dining table in the house that I use as my work table has to go. And how can I decline such offer, I really need it for me to be able to have less hassle working in the kitchen.  It also helps that he has all the tools and materials he needs – no extra expense at all! It was just timely that a friend texted us two days back asking if there’s anyone we know selling a second hand dining set. We’re giving it to her for free.

I will post pictures when the project is finished. 😀

A Worktable for Me

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