Health Benefits of Lemon Grass and Some Bits and Pieces On Being a WAHM

To be honest I am amazed at how the lemon grass juice has worked for our family. Aside from the fact that everyone enjoys the taste, it really is very beneficial to our health.

Even my father was surprised that Lemongrass a.k.a. Tanglad (in our vernacular) can be used more than just for cooking our local dishes and regular viands. This wonderful smelling grass has always been associated to great Asian dishes like Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese. And who could miss out the relaxing smell of a lemon grass scented candle.

Fact is the health benefits of Lemon grass are countless. First, studies have shown that it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is also known to help cleanse and detoxify the liver, pancreas, kidneys, bladder and the digestive tract. I could perhaps even point to this juice why I don’t have arthritis attack lately despite the legumes and nuts in my diet. It is also known to cut down uric acid, cholesterol, fats. For those breastfeeding mothers, it also aides in lactation. Topically, it can also help in eliminating acne when used as toner. It can also be used as remedy to the deadly Malaria, fever and colds. I can personally vouch for it as an effective cold remedy. It worked for my three year old. The day he had colds, he would sneeze non stop coupled with bad runny nose. I had him take the juice every meal and the next day, no sign that he ever had the colds the previous day. Amazing!

Amazed enough? The list goes on and on. There are weeks when I get too lazy to do the Lemon grass concoction. The truth is I have no opportunity to get lazy ever. I don’t move a finger in a day and our house could possibly collapse, seriously. All I really need is to remind myself that it’s no more than cutting the sheaves about an inch and soaking them in vinegar for five minutes. Rinse and then dunk everything to the boiling water. Once a week. That would yield to three liters of juice. Just that thought and I can get to my feet.

Allow me to digress. Working from home can really have its set backs. First, I really can’t tell my kiddo that mama is working. Even if I do, he will not completely understand why I cannot just attend to him whenever he wants. That was something I had to learn (and still learning) to manage and handle right. So I shift from working online to doing my chores to taking care of my kid and back again to the endless sweet cycle.

Shifting and juggling can be the craziest thing. When I was back in the corporate world, my officemates would call me “Flash”, because I would do all my tasks ahead of everyone else. I cannot seem to relax until I am all done with things that I need to do. And of course I also want to relax. So that’s the ultimate goal, work before pleasure.

I amuse myself sometimes even now that I get to do several things all at once. I need all those juggling abilities. I need to be creative even having to involve the little guy in the things I do whenever I can. If I were of a weaker specie, I could have gone back running to the corporate world. Honestly, it would really have been more convenient but I know my priorities. Please don’t get me wrong, I respect those who choose to work away from home. But if one were to choose I am sure most women would rather really take care of their own kids. There will always be that tug in their heart to do just that. But then again there are differences in cultures and circumstances. What’s important is you are doing what you know in your heart that you should be doing. Otherwise everything you do is nothing but a mechanical force and even though it might not altogether be futile, there will always be something that’s missing.

Working from home is no easy task. Altogether, I could say that I spend twelve hours a day in front of the computer forever doing tasks in between. Mothers would understand how hard it is to manage a household with a bouncy three year old, home schooling him informally at that. But I am fine. What really is important is I love my job and I honestly will never exchange the place I now have for anything in this world. I love my family and I know in my heart what I am called to do.

Moving back on to Lemongrass, it can actually go well with either honey or muscovado sugar. Both are natural. Stick with it. It will completely defeat its purpose if you will use refined sugar or those alternative sugar free what have yous.

For your information, our very own and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) claims that for every 100g boiled lemon grass can contain up to 24.205 micrograms of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is the anti-oxidant scientists believe that can help prevent cancer. Another study of the institute shows that lemon grass oil can possibly cure keratomycosis via topical medication. Wikipedia defines keratomycosis as an ‘inflammation of the eye’s cornea’ (called keratitis) that results from infection by a fungal organism. Keratomycosis is the Latin terminology equivalent of fungal keratitis – it is the fungal infection of the cornea, the anterior part of the eye which covers the pupil.

For the Lemongrass juice recipe, please visit the following links:

Health Benefits of Lemon Grass and Some Bits and Pieces On Being a WAHM

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  • May 13, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    Lemongrass hydrosol by Gold In Grass, if you have no time to boil, every day, three times a day. Coz we need consistency to get the beneficial results like drugs, three times a day. Handy, fast acting and very affordable!


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