Hotter than Pancakes

img_8121-copy.JPGI guess I got bored with my old chocolate chip recipe that I had to try someone else’s. I have had Mrs. Field’s recipe for a couple of years now, but it was only today that I got to try it out. It took me quite a while because it looked too tedious. Imagine, having to grind the oats! I thought the rolled one is as good as it already is. Not that grinding was going to be a task. I have my handy processor to do just that.

I tell you this processor deserves a pedestal all its own. It is so all around.  If you have seen how it works on home TV shopping,  believe it!  I almost do not have to put it in storage.  Because I use it when I bake cookies and cakes (carrot), when I make embutido, cook lumpiang Shianghai, et. al.  It has been with me since our little guy was an infant. Having refused to give him the commercial cerelac and Gerber stuff, I had his brown rice processed to powder before cooking. Then gradually transitioned from powder to the semi powdered consistency until his rice graduated from having to get processed via the grinder.

It proved to be sooo much better without all those crappy additives those commercial baby foods have. As much as they claim that they don’t have preservatives, they do. I did my research and that substance that makes cerelac’s consistency is not good for my kid. It could be the most convenient, I know. Why, you only have to mix the powder with water. But come on now, are we really going to buy those commercials with the daily recommended percentage blah blah that they claim, when we can give our children the best possible solid food via the organic, no pesticide brown rice that we cook from scratch. It is packed with nutrients that they need. My little guy’s height and weight are actually above average without the aide of any of those commercial vitamins and minerals.  When you are a new mom, you get bombarded by your Pedia with all the possible vitamins and supplementation that their medical reps hand them with. But after a while, you are going to have to sit down and think (much like Steve of Blues Clues) and take charge of of your kid’s best interest. Not that you trust your doctors less, but because you know fora fact that the popular choice isn’t always the best. Bottomline is I did my homework.

Okay, I really have to watch it when I write on a particular topic, I so easily get diverted when I start talking about baby care. Going back to my special for the day – Mrs. Fields All Original chocolate chip recipe. I later understood why the oats had to be powdered. It explains the yummyness and why the cookies are crispy around the edge and chewy in the middle. My boys loved it so much, I actually have to stop the kiddo from finishing the whole batch!  I just made a little substitution, I used Van Houten chocolate chips instead of the recommended Hershey’s. I love the former better. I’m sure both don’t have melamine content but the taste itself has more character than the latter.  Yes, chocolates have character. Stop and figure it out the next time you have your next bite.  😉

I know I am going to have to watch it or else the hubby and I would need to get a hold of the best fat burner available. We are pot bellied as we are already. I am actually thinking of going back to doing tae bo, even before my Wii Fit arrives in the next couple of months and take charge of my bulging belly problem. 🙂

Hotter than Pancakes

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