Just when I thought a problem with my laptop is enough to keep me busy, last night I got even busier when the windows update that I downloaded won’t properly install. I am getting this prompt that something needs to be saved, but when I do, nothing happens anyway. This has been happening a lot, that is also why I cannot even use my instant messenger anymore. And it all started when I enabled the No Script Mozilla add on. I am trying to figure out the connection of it all. I guess I am not just techie enough. Oh well.

It’s a good thing the printer is functioning well, or else I am really going into indefinite hibernation! And why the printer, you ask? I am playing around this digiscrapping software, so the printer has to be all ready for my “masterpieces”. Thanks to Repah, I finally got a decent digiscrap software. Her reply to one of my posts got me to hit her site back with a visit and there I found my treasure software. 😉 I have been looking for one that’¢s the easiest to use with fuss free installation. I got to practice on our family’s Christmas photo. I’m still working on it, not final yet. I was just so thrilled that it took me less than five minutes to get this together.(thumbnail) 😀


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