My Handful, Big & Sweet Boy



Sometimes I cannot help but be overwhelmed when the little guy gets all too energetic for me to handle. I cannot imagine having another tot in tow, it sure will be double trouble.

The hope of having a baby girl in the future is sweet. But as sweet as it is, there are a whole lot of other things to consider. If there is anything we have learned about parenting, it is not the timing that we have in mind that makes us ready. God’s timing is always perfect and parenting is not for the cowards as one author said. It can literally suck you out of everything that you have. Name it, energy, finances,

But through it all, it can still be the sweetest thing in the world. Nothing gets me back to my feet than having my little guy say as he smother my face with kisses (and saliva), “The best thing in the world is kissing you, Mama.” I just get teary eyed with joy every single time.

My Handful, Big & Sweet Boy

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