Design for Our Home Office

Doing this internet business for close to a year now in this make shift work station that the hubby and I have, has really taken its toll on my back and belly.  Wrong posture can really hurt the back. As for the belly problem, I’m getting that solved when my Wii Fit arrives in the next couple of months.  Wee! 😀

Our next home project is to set up our home office.  This could be a challenge given the small space that we have.  am handing that overto my trusty handy man a.k.a. hubby. He may not be big on chores, but he isthe most reliable when it comes to plumbing, carpentry and everything else I can not never get my frail hands to do, as much as I want to.

We’re currently looking into making use of our cornerspace and set up an L-shaped table with the proper indoor lighting to boot, which will cradle my computer station on the left and the hubby’s on the right. The hubby was the one who did the lay out of our home’s floor plan and no architect could have done it better.  He was able to maximize the teeny-weeny 48sq.m that we have and we were even able to throw in the bath tub that I want! 🙂

I am just excited how this home office will work out for the both of us.  He insists on doing the carpentry work himself.  I just wonder now, when he will ever have the time for that.  But then again,  I have not seen an L-shaped table commercially available. Maybe we don’t have much of a choice anyway. 😀

Design for Our Home Office

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