A New Specialty



Once upon a time there was this one special embutido that our family would regularly buy, it was only available at Cherry’s. I so wanted to figure out how it was made, it’s just that I didn’t know where to start. When I heard from one of the mothers in our church that she knows one recipe, she readily shared it with me upon inquiry. I did have it tweak to my taste, a little more and less of this and that. The MSG has to go altogether. I want nothing of that crap. Plus, unlike other embutidos that I have heard of, this one is loaded with zero extenders. Commercial ones are filled with bread crumbs that you almost get a taste of a pudding than an embutido.

I know I have mentioned in previous posts that multi-tasking can be taxing. But when I get inspired to do things, I stop at nothing until what I envisioned gets done. It just brings me joy that the hubby loves it. He goes on forever raving about how it tastes so good and loves it. He is always like that, with the declaration of another new favorite of his. Good thing he is sporty and regularly plays football. If not, I might have to get him one of those appetite suppressants just to make sure he does not blow up. 😀

A New Specialty

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